About the Capitol Bartending School:

SUPPLY & DEMAND! The demand for certified, professional bartenders in Central PA far outweighs the supply. Bars, night clubs, lounges, restaurants, hotels, catering & hospitality companies, country clubs, golf courses and resorts in the greater Harrisburg, Chambersburg, Gettysburg, Hanover, Carlisle, York, Reading, Lebanon and Lancaster, PA. areas are ready to employ our professionally-trained bartenders right out of the program without any prior bar experience!

TRAIN BEHIND AN ACTUAL BAR! Our classroom is designed to simulate an actual bar. There are no desks-and-chairs here! We promote a fun, relaxed, professional learning atmosphere. On your first day of class, you will be behind a fully-equipped bar mixing drinks under the supervision of one of our qualified instructors.

BARTENDING IS MORE THAN JUST MIXING DRINKS! In addition, you will learn customer service, brand knowledge and be certified in responsible alcohol service. Upon graduation, we offer job placement assistance in the Central PA area, as well more than 90 cities nationwide. Our graduates will also have access to our on-line job placement assistance program that lists current job opportunities, 24-hours a day! This program can be accessed from any internet enabled computer.

Get A Nightlife - Bartend!

Have you ever looked around a central Pennsylvania bar, curiously envying the happy bartenders having a great time while raking in gobs of money? Did you wonder how they learned the skills necessary to pour drinks so quickly, remember all those recipes, and keep their cool all at the same time? How did they get there? Could I learn to do that?

Bartending in the Greater Harrisburg area can be a tough world to break into. Corner bars with on-the-job training are few and far between. Today’s customers are more educated and sophisticated than ever before. They come from all over the world, they know about wine, they enjoy the scene and they have become more demanding.

Harrisburg customers are looking for a bartender who is as knowledgeable, personable, and demanding as they are. In this more professional bartending environment-if you’re not fast, organized, and efficient you surely won’t last very long.

The Capitol Bartending School has created bartending programs to answer the demand for professionally trained bartenders. We provide bartending education, organizational skills and customer service training. All of our graduates are trained in the Responsible Alcohol Awareness Program (RAMP) provided by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. We then follow up your training with a proven job placement assistance program.

Take the time to check out all of our pages and then TAKE THE NEXT STEP! Request more information on our Harrisburg Bartending School or call us today and we will show you how we can help you get started in your new bartending career!

Pittsburgh Bartending School

Bartend in Pittsburgh! Our Pittsburgh Bartending School has a state of the art facility- we train you to be a successful bartender in only 40 hours! The Pittsburgh Bartending School is our sister school run by our management group.

We will even help you find a great bartending job in Pittsburgh! So if you’re thinking of relocating- come see how we can work for you!

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